Access to capital is essential for the development of companies.

In a constant concern to provide solutions to the financing challenges of SMEs and based on the observation of under-capitalization of many companies, the web platform « EuroQuity » has been created.
The EuroQuity service is the result of the joined forces of BPI France and Sowalfin Belgium.

Obviously they became partner of the Fundtruck.   

What is EuroQuity ?

EuroQuity provides an answer to the to the needs of companies looking for capital at key times in their existence: creation, innovation, growth, internationalisation and takeover/transfer.

Its purpose is to enable entrepreneurs to realise their projects by giving them access to the right business partners.

EuroQuity in a nutshell

Using the EuroQuity platform is easy and free.

EuroQuity’s mission is twofold:

  • Make entrepreneurs aware of the importance of diversifying the forms of financing within their SME, in particular for the opening of their capital to third parties in order to have equity capital adapted to their growth projects.

  • Connect investors (individuals, private / public funds, institutions, etc.) and entrepreneurs looking for capital. Besides companies looking for capital and investors also a third party is present, being the business advisors.

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